The Midi Viz Application, developed by Lewis C. Hill II (Advisor Dr. James Oliver) @ Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center, presents an immersive virtual experience which places participants in the middle of a visual and immersive interactive music performance. Notes are played on a MIDI keyboard, received via a MidiShare running on my G3/800Mhz IBook and are then routed into an Virtual Reality System. This page includes videos and images of the application. Please have a look and listen. Also, bear in mind that this is just a prototype. It is only the beginning....

Click below for a Video of MidiViz at the 2004 ISU HCI Open House. This performances was held in the ISU Howe Hall Auditorium. The piano was played by ISU design student by Rachel Noorgard

Select the image to start the movie

Click Here to see a video of a MidiViz Demo featuring Joel Cummins from Umphrey's McGee on Piano. He rocked the House. Also shown in the video are Ames-area DJ Reaktor and Sara. This video was filmed in ISU's C6 Virtual Reality Theatre.

Click Here for footage of Umphrey's McGee live in Iowa City. Check how the lighting and music work to tell the story..
Click on the poster for details on MidiViz.

Here is a link to the Illuminator! Project. A companion to the MidiVizApplication, illumanator uses realtime audio input to animate virtual geometry.

Also, visit my website below for audio, video, and more virtual reality.