Welcome to my music web page. These tracks are from two projects produced under the chillomatic moniker... Electronification Unique, and SoulTron. I started this work in 1998 and ended it in Fall 2000. Soul Tron is the post M.S. thesis work, Electronification Unique is the pre-thesis work.
This was my first serious endeavors with MIDI Sequencing. The equipment consisted of a Power Mac 7100 running Opcode MidiShop, Korg NS5r Interface, and an SP-202 Sampler.

Another musician friend of mine subatomicglue was the sounding board for a number of these tracks. Check the techniques...

Post Thesis: vision.mp3 chillomatic_exception.mp3 chillomatic_mission.mp3 chillomatic_doscientos.mp3

01. Aww YEAH! (mp3) - Sounds really heavy with big bass speakers.

02. Sweet Melody (mp3) - Oh the sweet melody.. or something like that.

03.Midnight (mp3) - Latin Flavor with an HillTop twist.

04. BEEYA-BEEYA (mp3) - rhodes electronic ambience and lightness... I like the changes. Watch for subtle 5/8 feels in the builds.

05.Manual Rhythm (mp3) - Rock the Bells!

06. Katastrophy (mp3) - Can you say uncleared samples? Not for Sale, just for educational purposes only.

07. SciFunk! (mp3) - Multiphasic percussion instrument engaged - SIR!

08. Asynchronous (mp3) - Electronic Relaxation

09. Wait A Minute (mp3) - Happy Hardcore... Anthemic.

10. Jupiter Bugs (mp3) - We are taking over your planet... The Jupiter Bugs.

11. Drillin (mp3) - It' s just out there man...

Echo (mp3) - Meditation. Hesitation. Internalization.

13. Maestro (mp3) - Funky Cowbells and Wob Wah Wah Leads.

14. Broke Beat (mp3) - Getting crazy with the sampler. It needs work, but I don't think I'll get around to it.

15. KatNap (mp3) - Drifting... It's a mood, not a song.

16. Get Off It (mp3) - 150 BPM - Very Percussive Bass - I hope you brought your dancing shoes.

17. End Time (mp3) - More uncleared samples, but who can resist Busta Rhymes - Party is going on over here! That sounds cool! - Also, not for sale, educational purposes only.

18. Lynomatic (mp3) - Elchilloquailistic Groove. Punchy bass to accentuate the groove. Throbbing sound weaves in and out of consciousness.

19. Samplistic (mp3) - Another sample track... Why not? It's only megabytes. Can you guess where the sample came from?

20. GREMLIN (mp3) Big up thick thematic electronica pieces.

21. Arisdania (mp3) - Ok, this is my macking track for the year. Complete with the RnB style solo breakdown in the middle so you can whisper in your lady's ear. Check out the flute action. I'd also like to thank Dee for calling me at 5:00 am for relationship advice. I spent the rest of the morning working on this track. I had the chords in my head before, there was just no introduction that fit until this one.

22. Bladonic Sphere (mp3) - Originally titled 'One for Charlie. This track began with the drums, bass, and guitar/flute parts. I was stuck for 3 months and didn't know what to add to it. Finally, after a weekend at home, I added the melody and ambient parts. Why Bladonic Sphere?? I don't really know.

23. VISION (mp3) - Much movement and energy. Anthemic electronic.

24. exception (mp3) - Non scheduled chord progressions. The ambient and low bass/whistle sounds were the last part of this track. Updated from 152-160 BPM for dance ability.

25. mission (mp3) - Dark twin version of Exception. Angry Techno/Tribal experiment. Some Volumes need readjustment.

26. doscientos (mp3) - More punishment for my sampler. This track is actually about 14 beats in one filled with Drum/Bass/Jungle/Hip-Hop influence. Big energy. Blended Beats and Tasty Treats.

All songs composed and recorded by Lewis C. Hill II. All Rights Reserved. lewhill2@yahoo.com
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