I co-presented the Virtual Architecture Design Tool at CAADRIA 99 in Shanghai, China. I was in China for about 5 days starting on May4th - May9th 1999. The following are just a few of 200+ pictures I took while in Shanghai.

Representing on the Tour Bus.

Skyline view from Magnolia Hotel. (Certified Photoshop Novice)

More skyline.

Get your bike on Son!

Making some intricate silk patterns in Shuzao.

Elaborate sculpting of a string instrument player!

Tonji University Entry.

Tonji University Campus.

Represent with Chairman Mao on Campus.

Day and Night out side the yuyan garden.

Street Vendor selling expensive china (in China).

Beautiful Bonsai in the garden.

Reflected Bridge in the garden.

Nice passage in the garden.

I saw RED.

These pictures don't do justice to my experience in China. It is a very beautiful country with a wonderful culture. I hope I get to go again.
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