Synesthetic Music Experience Communicator

ioio_126 (67:08) - ioio_176 (30:14) - ioio_186 (50:52) - ioio_212 (54:11)

Live Mixed Original Trackss
Written from 05.2003 - 10.2005
Recorded 10.15.2005-10.18.2005
iBookG3 @ 800 mhz, iBookG4 @ 1.33 ghz
Propellerhead Reason

Coming Soon, other mixes for 150, 105, 80/90 bpm

Lew2 & 1010
Pronounced LewToo and the Binaries

The ioio/1010 is a metaphor for the digital input/output cycles of our lives.

consider our binary existence:

sometimes awake, sometimes asleep, sometimes aware, sometimes oblivious

breathe in (hopefully the good stuff) -- breathe out (hopefully the bad stuff)
day/night - black/white - rich/poor - happy/sad
powerful/disenfranchsised - joy/pain - loss/gain

these are the inspirations and reflections of my analog existence
digitally transformed in to sound.
The mixes are a trip through digital landscapes
snapshots of the ever-evolving state of our digital world

the universe is a binary computer of sorts
a spiritual proving grounds
as conscious soul having beings
in every moment we have a choice to make

let us be all be more
Positive, Righteous, Compassionate, Nurturing, Content
Strive On. Walk Tall in the Righteous Path.
Seek the Brighter Day.
Serve God In Gladness and in Song.

I will praise Thee (Oh Lord);
for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvellous are Thy works;
and that my soul knoweth right well.
Psalms 139:14 KJV

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You may listen freely.
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