These tracks were written in my first San Diego residence in Mission Valley. This time, most of the sounds are V-drum or samples, real bass, some vocals, and Roland xv-3080. I've separated the tracks into four groups corresponding to my personal growth at that time. All files are in mp3 format.

Bear Hunt - Regality - Random Stories - Zen Bird Flying

The Infamous Saturday Sessions

Concept Art/Image by Tamarind Rossetti

Dreaming Funky - Elemental (Clavi-Dub) - Love Life - Sweet Saturday - I See It
One Fine Day - The Rain - I Speak Freely - See The Sun - So Maybe One Day

Lumin8r!'s Revenge
2.5 Drums - Quickly - Sad Excuse - Split Brain Jane

Elemental Vibe Preview

Ambient Thoughts - Falling Slow - Time Ticking - Do I Do - Piano Interlude - Tech Blur Bang!

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