elChill's April 2004 Prototypes

April 2004 Prototypes is a snapshot of some of my electroic show material. Performed under the dj alias elChill, these live shows have incorporated video and graphics imagery with live tracks from Propellerhead Reason. Other tracks include live percussion, effects, and or my favorite, talking synth lead lines!!

BlueShift Performed at Blueshift Electronic Music Festival in Wisconsin - Aug 6,7,8 Blueshift Website flyer

Spin it up. Mix it up. Bump it.

Hip Comp Revised (mp3) 124 b.p.m. very danceable.

Raindrops (mp3) hip hop flava! Originally written for a collaboration with BDZ.

Ambient Reflection(mp3) Slow Ambient Piano, descending bass line, mixed with latin percussion, and electric perc.

Simple Reasons (mp3) No complex logic required.

Tree Dreams (mp3) Relaxing in a North Park San Diego 2 story 1 bedroom house. Massive tree overhead.

A Short (mp3) Down Tempo Vibes

What Your Name Is? (mp3) Drums, Bass, And One Crazy Lead Synth. Listen to it Talking.

Why? (mp3) One simple repeating question melody. Also due for remixing.

Dropping Everything (mp3) Aggressive metaphor for a full bore attack!!

Inward Outward Thoughts (mp3) Introspection Reflection and Meditation. Aggressive Percusison and Leadlines.

Class Mode (mp3) Multi-Layed Hip Hop like. This track is due for rearrangement and thinning, but check the themes.

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