Welcome to nIterations....

These are the latest project studio releases from elChill (aka. Me) The project is called nIterations. Each song is an extension of a melodic idea. The compositions grow from the inside out, starting with a single measure, and then growing into an extended structure. How many times? Till the beat stops.

Each link is an MP3 file. Dig em. Share em.

BaDeYaDaw (mp3) feat. DJ.Z - Energizing (mp3) - Different Show (mp3)- DrumCheck (mp3) - Frequency (mp3) - Oddities And Aspirations (mp3) - PlasticCup (mp3) - Rock Star Walking (mp3) - undemonstrated (mp3) - these are my feelings (mp3) - who knows (mp3) - Ido (beat box) (mp3) - Clav Beat Suite (mp3) - SPDS Percussion Demo (mp3)

Winter Reboot

Knock Knock(mp3 - Messy Drums (mp3)

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