Personal Research Profile

My name is Lewis Charles Hill II. I was born in Detroit, MI and I am working towards a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction at Iowa State University. I completed my bachelors (1998) and masters (2000) degrees in Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. I am also an active musician, playing piano, drums, and electric bass in church, school, and private ensambles over the last 15 years.

I began computing in grade school, programming BASIC graphics applications on an Apple IIe. I was first exposed to research during my sophomore year at ISU and have since conducted research into parallel computing and engineering-oriented virtual reality systems. My dissertation work concerns the development and validation of adaptive interfaces for multi-disciplinary design applications.

Immersive virtual environments and music are compelling experiences which stimulate the imagination and the intellect of their participants. I have combined my music and compting interests by using the computer to record and distruibuite compositions, to discover new musical knowledge on the internet, and by creating a virtual enviroment in which realtime music input is converted into dynamic visual imagery.

I would like to continue my pursuit of Human Comptuer Interfaces. I hope to create new methods for exploring data and interacting with computer systems. I also plan to continue my musical development, using my gifts to educate and inspire change towards a more positive living environment.

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