Synesthesia is a condition of involuntary cross modal associations... HUH?

Some people get a litte bit of an extra-sensory experience with their everyday lives.
For example, sounds, scents, temperatures, sensations, and so on,
are consistently coded with a color and/or texture perception.
There are many cross sensory mappings.
But I have the most experience with these ones.

This sensations are projected visually in the mind...
They are felt through the body as moving waves of energy.
~~They are experienced in a spiritual way~~

While the Synesthete usually knows that what they see is
not a true external perception..

It is just as real as any other sensory stimuli they experience in their daily lives.
It has been written that the images the Synesthete experience are the essence of thought.

Synesthesia, particularly color-hearing has become a focus for my personal research.
I'm using computer systems to transform audio and musical data into a visual experience.

My goals are
1. to inform people of this condition.
2. to illustrate the possiblities of integrated media
3. to make some awesome shows to go with my music.

This work in progress page has links to my projects and other very informative sites on the internet.

My Research

Synesthetic Music Experience Communicator

Midi Vizualization Application
Illuminator! Real Time Audio in VR

Web Resources
American Synesthesia Association, Inc.
Synesthesia - Dr. Hugo Heyrman Museums of the Mind
The Synesthetic Experience @
Synesthesia and Artistic Experimentation
Blue Cats Synesthesia Resource Center
A Brief History of Synaesthesia and Music

Synesthesia Software Music

I experience color-number Synesthesia, color-temperature,
color-gustatory, and color-hearing for musical experiences.
The image below shows my color-text pairings.

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Also, my synesthesia has been confirmed through an online study
at the Synesthesia Research Group at the University of Waterloo, in Canada.
The results are given here


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