Urban Root

Welcome to the Archival Pages of the Urban Root band. This group was assembled almost spontaneously in the Ocean Beach community of San Diego California. After a Smashing First Show at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market, UrbanRoot went on to play 50+ socal shows between May 2001 and Nov 2002. Big up my brothers Ryan Ande, Isaac Lewis, Jacob Jones, Naz, James Cambic, and for his guitar improv on our first demo... Chris Herman (sp?). Also, The Bands Photos of the Urban Root and Able Minded Poets bands were taken by Gospel One. Gospel also made flyers for local San Diego acts. Check this link for his flyer gallery

Urban Root Live At Mission Beach (click for the video) Here the band plays at Communicative Solutions College for Cancer Benefit in May of 2002. I was glad to have my mother in the audience. Mom said we were getting close...

Click for the big bang movie.

The Big Bang SDSU Student Movie... Jacob Jones of Urban Root stars in this hilarious student flick about a young man's mystical transformation into Emcee Space Age. Ryan and Lew are also in the flick as Creator X (cliff's) backup band, and the band is featured in the sound track.


Demo 1 - Recorded at La Casa
Brighter Day - Buffalo People - Call It Night - Head Phones - Release - Universal Year

The Green 5 Session
Diamond Passage - Dreaming - Middleman - Take Me Home With You - Tonal Insanity

Ranchito Demo
Am I Dreaming - Call It Night - Downtown - Lap It Up (intro) - Lap It Up

Strive On - Take Me Home With You - Tonal Insanity - Universal Year